Tips for the Ultimate Oak Framed Garden Office



An oak framed office could be the ideal solution for a home working environment. Loosehanger Oak’s hand-crafted oak-framed garden buildings offer bespoke solutions. One of these structures could allow anyone to create the ultimate oak framed garden office for their home working needs.

But what should you consider when designing or choosing your new oak-framed office space? These tips should help you think about the most important elements, and create the perfect home office for you. 

Consider The Light Levels For Your Oak-Framed Office

One of the most important things to consider when designing an ideal oak-framed office is light. A home office is often somewhere you will spend a large part of your day. You may well be spending a lot of time on the computer, reading documents, and thinking hard. 

Good levels of natural sunlight will be good for the concentration – as well, obviously, as making sure that you can see what you are doing. 

You should carefully consider the positioning of your garden office. What does that mean for the light levels during each day and throughout the year? Think about the number and position of the windows. It will be important to make sure that you get light when you need it, but not when you don’t. 

The amount of sunlight that comes into your garden office will have implications for artificial lighting, and for any heating or cooling that might be required for the space. Design that takes sunlight into account and use it wisely is called passive solar design. It is a good idea to take passive solar design into account when coming up with a plan for your garden building. 

Consider The Views From Your Garden Office

Another important thing to think about when positioning and designing your home office is what you will see when you look out. A tranquil garden view could be conducive to productive work. But if the view is too busy, too many people or vehicles passing by, or there is too much to take in, you might not be able to get as much work done as you intend. 

When designing a new oak-framed office, you may also wish to consider undertaking some planting. Positioning a new tree, or mixed hedgerow, for example, could screen off a distracting view and make it easier to get work done. Looking out over water could also be restful. So why not consider creating a new wildlife pond, or a running stream feature in your garden? Running water might not only improve the view, but the local soundscape too. 

Consider the Layout of Your Oak-Framed Garden Office

Of course, the interior layout of your oak-framed garden office will also be hugely important. In conjunction with thinking about sunlight, the positioning of glazing, and the view, you should also consider where each element you require should be placed. 

For example, you might begin by thinking about where to position a desk and desk chair. You will want to enjoy the view, yet not suffer too much distraction. You will also need to think about avoiding glare on a computer screen, if you will be using one. 

In addition, however, there are also a number of other elements to consider. For example, storage may be very important. Make sure you will have enough storage space for your needs, and will easily be able to reach everything you require.

Some home offices may also include a toilet, and perhaps also a small kitchen area where you can make yourself tea or coffee, and maybe even snacks while you work. If you would like these additions, then it is important to think about them early in the design process. 

Consider Practicalities & Utilities

It is likely that you will need lighting, and electricity for your home office. Think about whether you will need electricity only for a computer, laptop or other such device, or will have higher energy needs. Do you want a kettle and a microwave, for example? Will additional electric heating or cooling be needed?

You should also think about whether you will need an wired Internet connection or WiFi, and whether you will require water and sewerage connections. 

Consider Comfort, Temperature and Acoustics

An oak framed building can be ideal for a range of uses because such structures can create an extremely comfortable living (or working) environment. Oak is a breathable, natural material and is a great choice for a healthy and calming atmosphere. 

In addition to thinking about all of the above, however, you should also consider how comfortable the design you are considering will be – not just in ideal conditions but throughout the whole year. Consider the temperatures that will be experienced, and whether external noise may become an issue. 

These are just some tips to help you create the ultimate oak framed garden office. 

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