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There are many good reasons to consider building oak extensions onto your home. You might want to increase your living space, create your dream kitchen or recreation area. You might need more rooms to allow for multi-generational living or to fit your home for your growing family. You might be thinking about making it possible to expand a home business, or simply want to add value to your property. An extension can often be a good idea. But while there are many construction options, there is something very special about oak extensions – certain things that you will not get with any other material.

When you decide to build an oak extension with Loosehanger Oak, you can add value to your home. But more than that, you can also add value to your life! Our high-quality oak extensions will always be designed and built with care to meet your specific wants and needs.


Why Choose to Build Oak Extensions?

Choosing A Real Oak Frame is a Green Choice

Our houses reflect us. They show the world who we are and who we want to be. This means that it is hugely important that we take care when constructing or improving the buildings we call home. The materials we choose for the structures we build are very important. When you choose an oak extension, you are choosing wisely not just for yourself, but for the planet. Oak is a wonderful green building material.

Homeowners who care about people and planet know that many buildings are constructed from materials that pose a range of problems. Oak is not one of these materials. It can be better than carbon neutral over the course of its lifetime. By analysing the lifecycle of oak, we can see how CO2 emissions can be reduced by building with wood.

And, of course, oak extensions are built to last and endure through the ages. This means they reduce the need for future construction work, which is perfect for a property that you want to pass down and wonderful for future generations. What is more, oaks longevity also means that it is a green choice, since reducing the need for future construction will also reduce the carbon cost of our houses.

Oak Frame Extensions Offer Amazing Versatility

Oak is an amazingly versatile material and oak extensions can take many shapes, sizes and forms. Whether you want a small addition or a larger two-storey extension, whether you are looking for something classic and traditional, or chic, sleek and modern, oak can be the right material for you.

An oak framed extension can be almost whatever you want it to be and it is this adaptable quality that makes oak the ideal material for a wide range of home building and home extension projects. Oak extensions are almost infinitely adaptable to meet your requirements and desires.

Our range of case studies show the range of amazing buildings and building extensions that can be created with oak – this most versatile of materials. Whichever region you call home, Loosehanger Oak can tailor a bespoke solution to suit you. One of our oak building projects from our brochure showcases the wide range of oak structures that we could create for you.

Oak Extensions on Buildings Can Bring Many Lifestyle Benefits

As mentioned above, oak extensions are structures that can enhance your lifestyle and add value to your life in a range of different ways. We have plenty of tips for how you might use one. They might, for example, bring benefits by:

  • Providing additional space for nuclear families or wider family groups to come together, allowing for multi-generational living.
  • Offering the means to expand existing home companies, or making it possible to work from home.
  • Providing more space for homeowners with an oak conservatory to enjoy their hobbies, or work on developing a range of useful new skills.
  • Creating a garden room which will bring you closer to the natural world and encourage you to make full use of your outside space.

Oak Extensions are a Practical Option

No matter why you are considering choosing an oak extension, they can be a practical choice. Oak extensions can add value to your property – which means they can be a sound financial investment.

What is more, well-designed oak extensions can save you money on your household bills. By making best use of the sun’s light and heat, using tips for effective passive solar design, we can use an oak extension to reduce the amount we have to spend on lighting and heating our houses. This is especially the case when the design is suited to the region and the specific site on which it is located. Our case studies demonstrate how we design to suit the specifics of each individual home owner’s site and needs.

By blending the join between home and garden, oak extensions can also facilitate practical measures to live more sustainably. A garden room can blur the line between inside and outside, making it easier for you to make full use of your outside space.

Oak Frame Buildings Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Not only will oak frame extensions enhance your lifestyle and add value in a range of practical ways, but they can also be an incredibly aesthetically pleasing option. Oak is a beautiful, natural material: warm, tactile and visually stunning. Its appearance will only continue to improve over time.

Oak not only pleases the eye. Its aesthetic properties can also improve your mood, allow you to relax and unwind, soothe your soul and generally help in creating a place that you will be very glad to call home.

By now, you will surely be considering an oak extension for your home. But why choose Loosehanger Oak rather than one of the other oak-frame companies out there to bring your dream to life? Our track record for providing a high-quality of craftsmanship and exemplary service mean that we have many satisfied clients. But no not take our word for it! Check out our round garden buildings and our case studies and you will soon see that our body of work speaks for itself.

Contact Loosehanger Oak to discuss your requirements and begin your journey towards the perfect oak extension today.



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