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Our Clients for this project were aware of our work as we had successfully completed 3 other builds in the same village. The property lies within the New Forest National Park and although not listed, it is of old origins and therefore required a construction in keeping with this setting. An oak conservatory was ideal, due to the fact that oak can blend in so wonderfully with the other elements of historic areas and historic property. As a natural material, it feels very much at home within beautiful natural areas like the New Forest.

Our Clients had commissioned an extension to the side of the building some years ago and part of that work included the building of a softwood lean-to type conservatory with a polycarbonate roof which was well past its sell by date, rotten, extremely hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter and additionally, incredibly noisy when it rained.


To design a new Oak Framed Extension to overcome all the above, using the same footprint and improve access and views to the cottage garden.


Using the current footprint, we advised the Client to remove the existing dwarf walls to floor level to increase the internal space. This in turn allowed far better views of the adjacent garden, which in the original design had, due to its narrow width, been largely obscured when seated within. By removing the dwarf wall and adding glazing, we helped to re-establish a strong link between the home and garden. This greatly added to the amenity and enabled the fullest utilization of the space.

As the property is a cottage, it generally has small windows and therefore to maximize light within the adjacent sitting room we suggested a fully glazed gable and side element. Bringing more light into the property made the interior a more pleasant space for the clients to spend time. It also allowed for passive solar gain, bringing natural light and heat from sunlight into the property and thereby reducing the need for artificial heating and lighting.

To greatly stabilize temperature variations we designed a heavily insulated slate roof in keeping with the property and the use of thermally efficient double glazing with Low E glass and Argon filling further minimises changes. By taking the thermal properties of the materials of the building envelope into account, we were able to greatly improve the energy efficiency of this part of the home. Again, this helped to reduce heating needs and conserve energy within the property while keeping it cosy and at the perfect temperature for its occupants.

All the new glazing helped to give the new interior a feeling of space. It creating a bright and airy space that would be a comfortable and relaxing place to spend time. The feeling of internal space was also improved by the fully vaulted, feature Oak ceiling. The vaulted shape adds to the sense of space, while the material itself gives the sense of warmth and cosiness that only natural wood can give. To improve the garden access we also installed a set of Oak, triple bi-fold doors, one of which provides pedestrian access. This new link between indoors and out also helped to tie home and garden together.


As is often the case with our builds this was completed with the Client in residence so a speedy and efficient build was undertaken to minimize intrusion. We worked swiftly and conscientiously, and though, as we do with all our projects, we applied meticulous attention to detail, the project was completed and ready for occupation in a very short time.

During the build we also completed the replacement of the old rear porch with a new Oak construction to match. We also replaced and upgraded the old underground rainwater piping to the soakaway. We took care of all the practical details to make sure that all systems continued to function as they should.

Finally, the extension was completed with the refurbishment of the old existing terracotta floor tiles, a new radiator and replacement internal and external lighting. We sympathetically finished the new extension so that it blended not only with the garden but also the rest of the home. 

The final result

We have created a space which is larger, light and airy, has a stable internal temperature and allows the Client easy access to their cottage garden which when it blooms in the Summer can now be fully enjoyed from within.

Gary Holden-Parker

What Our Client Says About Us

“With the demise of our rotting old inefficient soft wood conservatory with a polycarbonate roof, (too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter) we considered a number of options and invited Gary of Loosehanger Oak to come and take a look. Through Gary’s creative talents and experience he very quickly came up with an inspired design that would complement and enhance our old cottage along with providing a room that could be used all year round regardless of the weather. The construction and finishing of the new oak conservatory was undertaken and completed by two highly skilled craftsmen and roofer in a very professional and efficient manner. Thanks to Gary and his team we now have a wonderful oak conservatory with views over the whole garden where we can sit in comfort at all times of the year. An amazing improvement that complements the old cottage and we are absolutely delighted with our new “room”.”

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