Tips and Suggestions for an Oak-Framed Backyard Bar

Creating an oak-framed building that can become a backyard bar is a wonderful way to make sure that your garden becomes the oasis it should be. 

Having a dedicated relaxation and entertainment space can be important. And with the right oak-framed structure or building, you can ensure that your garden becomes all you want and need it to be. 

If you are thinking about creating an oak-framed backyard bar or pub space, here are some tips and suggestions:

Create a Covered Space With Oak to Be Used All Year Round

Oak is a wonderful material to use to create a structure for your garden. And a building made from oak in your garden could give you a relaxation and entertainment space that can be used all year round. What is more, oak endures, and when you build with this beautiful material, you know that your garden building will stand the test of time. 

Make a Bar Opening On To Decking For Indoors/ Outdoors Living

A backyard bar or garden pub lovingly crafted from oak can be both an indoors space, and a space that opens up for outdoors living. A hatch or other feature that opens up on the side of an oak-framed garden building can become a bar to serve drinks to those enjoying the adjacent outside space, such as a pergola-covered decked area. But can be closed up when desired to create a cosier and warmer covered space. 

With a bespoke oak structure, you can create the perfect design for your dream bar – with spaces that can be enjoyed whatever the weather and time of year. 

Complement the Oak Frame With Organic, Natural Materials & Furnishings

Oak framing will not only ensure that the backyard bar is built to last. It will also bring natural beauty and a sense of rustic charm to the feature of your garden. 

Pairing the beautiful natural and sustainable oak with other natural materials and furnishings will continue this feel, and allow you to create an eco-friendly space where you can relax on your own, spend time with family, or entertain your friends. 

For example, think about other woods, bamboo, woven natural fabrics, and other similar materials when looking for flooring, wall coverings, and furniture for the space. 

Think About Atmospheric Lighting For Your Space

Another thing that is important to think about when planning your backyard bar is lighting. There is a range of natural and sustainable lighting solutions that you might consider. But the natural, rustic style will suit a sustainable lighting solution with natural candle lanterns, or some solar-powered LED lights. 

Lighting, along with materials, will be crucial in creating the right atmosphere for your backyard bar or multi-functional entertainment space. 

Plant Around Your Backyard Bar for Drink Ingredients

Another cool thing to think about when planning a backyard bar is how the planting around your new garden building might provide plenty of fresh ingredients for your drinks. 

From an apple tree to make your own cider, to grapes for homemade wine, to a wide range of berries, herbs, and flowers for flavourings and garnishes for the drinks you serve or enjoy, there are plenty of plants that would be wonderful additions around the space. 

These are just a few ideas to help you plan the perfect oak-framed backyard bar, garden pub or other entertainment space where drinks can be served in your garden. 


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