The Romance of Oak-Framed Constructions

In honour of Valentine’s Day and the fact that we are approaching that time of year when love is in the air, let us look at the romance of oak-framed constructions. It may seem a little odd to talk of romance in this context, but if you look a little deeper, the romance of buildings constructed from oak is real and enduring – far more so than the fripperies of commercial holidays. Romance can sometimes be difficult to define but by looking at the different elements of an oak building that embody that feeling, we can reach a better understanding of what romance actually is.

The Romance of History and Tradition

The excitement and mystery of romance cannot spring from anywhere. Romance carries with it the freight of history and cultural tradition. Oak-framed construction, too, gains much of its power and appeal from its own long history. Oak-framed building is part of our cultural history and the echoes that pass down through the years add to the romance of the structures and lend them solidity and a certain sort of beauty. The wood itself also comes complete with a wealth of heritage and tradition. Oak trees have traditionally been a symbol of enduring love.

An Uplifting, Soaring Feeling

Romance is an uplifting sensation and one that makes us feel good about our surroundings and about ourselves. An oak building will literally make its occupants feel good when they are inside, appreciating the natural beauty of the grain, colour and texture of the wood and the feel of the rooms created within. Those who have decided to build with oak wood will also feel good because they have made a sustainable choice that will benefit the planet and its people.

Sensual, Tactile Pleasure

Wood, oak in particular, is a timber that not only looks good but also feels good to the touch. Romance involves all the senses and you will find that there is romance in stepping into your own oak-framed room or building for the first time. You will see the beautiful space created, smell the wood, feel the atmosphere of peace and tranquillity that is created when you use such solid and enduring materials. Feel the bones of your oak-framed home and you will feel the mystery and majesty of the woods from which the trees came and feel a sense of your own connection to the beauty and mysteries of the natural world.

Is it time that you considered giving a gift this Valentine’s Day that will actually endure? Do you wish to give your loved one a present that could endure for generations? Why not choose this romantic time of year to create a dream home or that perfect extension for you and your family? The romance of oak-framed construction only grows each time the baton is passed to new owners and the tradition of building in oak, after hundreds of years, continues to thrive.

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