Set Up a Cider Press in Your Oak Framed Garden Building

An oak framed garden building can give you the space for a number of projects throughout the year that you might find it difficult to find the space for in your home. If you have apple trees in your garden then one interesting use for your garden building could be as a space for a cider press. 

Growing Apples In Your Garden

Growing apple trees in your garden is a wonderful thing to do. The trees themselves are great for a range of wildlife. And of course, they provide you with a bounty of fresh apples for fresh eating or for cooking. In fact, apple trees can crop so abundantly that you may sometimes wonder what to do with all the apples you get. 

Juicing Apples

If you have an abundance of apples, juicing them is a great way to make the most of your yield. Juicing a few apples is easy with a simple home appliance. But if you have a lot of apples, from one or two mature trees, or even more, then setting up a cider press can be an excellent idea. 

It is also a good idea to invest in a hand-cranked fruit macerator as these make it quicker to process the apples to put in your juicer. The only problem is that you need quite a bit of space to crush and press the apples – that is where an oak framed garden building could really come in handy. 

A fruit press makes it a lot easier for you to process a large quantity of fruit, and there is nothing quite like fresh apple juice. It is a real treat that the whole family is sure to enjoy. Many different apple varieties are excellent for juicing, so why not get set up in your oak framed garden building and give it a go? 

Once you have your apple crusher and fruit press set up in your oak garden building, you might even be able to help reduce food waste in your area by offering to press the fruit from other apple trees in your area. You never know, it might even become a cottage industry or small business. 

Making Cider

Of course, you can drink plenty of your apple juice fresh. But you might also like to consider making some alcoholic apple cider from the apple juice you press. There is a lot to learn about making cider and other alcoholic drinks from the fruit you grow in your garden. But learning about it and trying it out is a lot of fun – almost as fun as drinking the fruits of your labours. 

Once you have made some fresh apple juice or homemade cider, your oak framed garden building could also be a wonderful place to enjoy the fruits of your labours with family or friends. 

Making Apple Cider Vinegar

Your fruit press also gives you the option to make a larger quantity of apple cider vinegar. And apple cider vinegar can be very useful in a wide range of ways, in your kitchen and around your home. As well as using it for your own health and in a range of recipes, you can also use it in washing your hair and even in many cleaning jobs around your home. You can make the apple cider vinegar in your oak framed building, then use it to clean the windows and other surfaces around the space. 

Of course, setting up an apple processing area is just an example of the many, many ways in which you can potentially make good use of an oak garden building. There is a huge variety of sustainable and eco-friendly projects that such a garden building could give you the space to take on. So if you want to be more resilient and self-sufficient, and would like to do more with the fruits and other products that you grow in your garden, you should definitely consider adding an oak framed building in your garden. 

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