Planning Ahead for the Harvest Period in Your Oak Garden Building

If you are a keen gardener and grow at least some of your own food, an oak garden building can be perfect to help you scale-up, and really make the most of all the food you grow. 

It can be a space where you can gather, prepare, store, and preserve the produce you grow in your garden. And can help you reduce waste, and eat well from your garden not just in summer but throughout the year. 

Add a Processing Area for Harvested Crops in an Oak Garden Building

Late summer and early autumn can be a busy time in a food-producing garden. Tracking all that produce from the garden into your kitchen can be a time-consuming and messy business. 

But imagine if you had an oak garden building that was perfectly laid out in such a way that you could process all those harvested crops quickly and efficiently, right there in your garden, close to where it was grown. 

Before the peak harvesting season hits, you might consider adding an oak garden building, or adapting a current structure, to offer space where you can wash, dry and prepare food, either for sale or for use within your own home. 

Perfect for market gardeners, a processing area can be perfect for smaller-scale home growers too. You won’t have to worry about bringing muddy or soil-covered crops into your main kitchen area, and can clean and sort before bringing anything into your home. 

Make an Area to Cure Crops Like Onions or Squash

An oak garden building can also be the perfect place to cure crops like onions or squash before storage, or a place to dry things like herbs for later use. 

By having a dedicated area for these home-growing jobs, you can keep your main home living spaces clear and free from clutter, and create the optimal environment to prepare foods for storage in different ways. 

Create Storage Areas for Summer Crops in Your Oak Garden Building

An oak-framed garden building might also provide the perfect place, if correctly designed, to store produce from the summer over the winter months. 

We are not all lucky enough to have a root cellar or walk-in cold store area in our homes. But even if your home cannot allow one of these features to be added, a well-insulated oak garden building could provide this extra space you need. 

Turn Part of An Oak Garden Building Into a Canning Pantry

As well as creating space to store fresh produce for the winter in an oak garden building, you might also create areas with shelving where you can store all your bottled or canned preserves. A beautiful shelf-lined pantry filled with home-made preserves is a dream for many. Adding an oak framed structure in your garden could offer the opportunity to have one, even if there is no space in your existing home. 

When properly canned and stored, foods can have a much longer shelf-life than you might think. So learning a range of canning or preserving recipes can help you really make the most of all the produce you grow and make sure that not a single thing goes to waste. 

So when planning ahead for the harvest period, you might like to consider creating a dedicated pantry space in an oak-framed building in your garden.

Create a New Oak-Framed Kitchen Area for Making Preserves

If you are really serious about making jams and other preserves, you might even like to consider fitting out a new oak garden building to become a dedicated second kitchen – where you can make your jams, jellies, chutneys and other canning recipes without messing up, heating up, or hogging the main kitchen inside your home. 

Thinking about adding or improving an oak garden building is a great thing to do when planning ahead for the harvest period. Using such a structure in imaginative ways to make harvesting, storage and preservation easier can streamline the whole process and make it so much more simple and enjoyable. 

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