Oak-Framed Building Ideas for a Camping or Glamping Site



For obvious reasons, staycationing is on the rise. Camping and glamping have long been popular, and are now even more popular than ever before. If you have a camping or glamping site already or are thinking about creating one, you are sure to be able to welcome plenty of guests. But finding your unique selling points and standing out in a crowded market is key. That is where an oak framed building can come in. So to help your camping or glamping site stand out, here are some ways you might use a beautiful oak-framed building on your property:

Oak-Framed Glamping Cabins

Bespoke oak framed glamping cabins could be the perfect way to offer something special that will really set your business apart. Whether an accommodation is in a beautiful woodland, a tranquil riverside plot, or in a wildflower meadow, oak is the perfect material to meld with the natural surroundings and give discerning visitors special places to stay. 

An Oak-Framed Barn or Bunkhouse

An oak-framed barn or bunkhouse could be perfect for renting out to families, or for welcoming guests with a lower budget who are happy to share. Offering accommodation which can cater to larger groups could be a great way to make the most of your site and grow your business. And if, in addition to using eco-friendly timber for construction, you also take other measures to boost sustainability, you can appeal to people looking for an eco-friendly, sustainable place to stay. 

An Oak Framed Camp Kitchen

If you have a campsite where people come with their own tents, then offering additional amenity spaces can make your site stand out. An oak framed camp kitchen and utility space could draw in more visitors, and be an added bonus for those who like to get back to basics, but who enjoy having these extra amenities when required. A camp kitchen can also be a place for people to come together and can create a cool community vibe on the site. 

An Oak Framed Restaurant/ Bar

Another great idea for glamping and camping sites of all kinds is to create a restaurant and bar building. As well as being an added bonus for guests, an oak framed restaurant and/or bar could also bring additional revenue for your business. Natural, light, bright and welcoming, an oak building could be perfect for your needs. No matter how many covers you want to include, a bespoke, handcrafted oak building could be ideal. 

An Oak Framed Event Venue

Another way to make your camping or glamping business stand out is to create a beautiful venue for special events throughout the year. Again, an events venue could draw in more guests, and could also provide more income for your business. Glamping weddings are increasingly popular, as people look out for green options for their big day. And live music events and other performances can also be major draws.

Of course, these are just a few ideas. But these ideas clearly show how an oak framed building could be perfect for your needs. It could be just what you need to make your green camping or eco glamping site stand out from the crowd. 

Dream big, and you can turn those dreams into reality one step at a time. The first step is contacting us to discuss your ideas and start the process of getting the perfect bespoke oak structures off the ground. 

Show the world that camping and glamping can be sustainable, exciting, and innovative. And you don’t need to stay at a hotel or resort abroad to enjoy a wonderful and relaxing holiday. Some of the best holidays are simple stays, which can be enjoyed far closer to home.

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