Leaving Lockdown – Make Your Garden Building an Oasis of Calm


As the world opens up again and we all struggle to acclimatise to an expanded reality beyond our own four walls, many may feel stressed. Lockdown, of course, brought a wide range of challenges. But negotiating the confusion and uncertainty of leaving lockdown can be even more challenging. Many of us may be finding it more difficult to cope. Creating a garden building that can be an oasis of calm could be the port we need in the storms that assail us. 

Why Make a Garden Building an Oasis of Calm

During lockdown, many of us have been turning to our gardens more than ever before. We have been growing our own food in large numbers. And turning to organic gardening in our droves. Many of us have been appreciating our gardens more than we ever did before, and often, we’ve been finding new ways to make them work for us. We’ve been paying more attention to the natural world, and welcoming and watching wildlife more closely. 

As we venture out once more into a broader and more connected world, it is important for us all to remember that our gardens are still there for us. More than ever, it is vital that we all make the most of what a garden can offer. And more than ever, we need to build elements into a garden that allow it to become an oasis of calm. A great garden building can be perfect to turn your garden into the tranquil haven it can be. It will give us a space to relax in: a space to retreat to when things become too much.

What Makes a Garden Building an Oasis of Calm

The planting schemes in a garden have a big impact on how restful and relaxing a garden building will feel. The plants and wildlife in a garden around a garden building will help give it a private and secluded ambiance. Shade trees, native privacy hedges, dense perennial planting schemes and edible gardens can help ground a new garden building. 

But it is also important to choose a natural, sustainable garden building that will feel rooted in its environment. One of our oak framed garden buildings can definitely fulfil these requirements. The materials of which it is built, and its timeless quality can help such a building feel grounded. And when a garden building feels grounded, you can too. 

A warm, cozy and well-insulated space can help us feel comfortable, and keep the outside world away. In a garden building, you can shut the doors and feel secure and calm. 

In addition to thinking about the positioning of your garden building, and about integrating it with its surroundings through planting, the choices you make with regard to the interior will also be important.

Tips for Tranquil Garden Building Interior Design

  • Bring the outside inside, and the inside out. Incorporate plants not only outside but inside too. And think about decking etc that can allow the flow between the interior of the space and the surrounding garden.
  • Choose tranquil natural colours, and eco-friendly, natural paints for the interior that will help make it feel connected to your garden and the natural world. Greens, and warm earth tones are amongst the hues that can help us feel comfortable, calm and at peace.
  • Select soft furnishings and furniture for inside the space that complement its natural and organic feel. Avoid synthetic materials whenever you can. Opt instead for natural timbers, organic cotton, hemp, linen, wool, and other eco-friendly materials.
  • Choose personal, personalised, unique items for the interior. Select things that are specific to you, and suit your own personality, needs and desires. Avoid the mass-produced and keep things individual with upcycled items, vintage finds, or hand-crafted items.

Remember, relaxation means different things to different people. Think about what really makes you personally feel calm and happy. You might find it relaxing just to sit and think, watching plants and wildlife in your garden. You might love to relax and read a good book. 

But you might also like to relax while still staying busy – enjoying art, crafting, or another hobby, for example. Be sure to build in the things you need to stay sane and keep smiling. A garden building can be a space for a wide range of different pursuits and activities. No matter how you relax, your garden building can be an oasis of calm. 

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