Innovative Ways to Fit Out Your Oak Garden Building For Practical Garden Jobs

An oak garden building can be the perfect practical addition, as well as an aesthetically pleasing one. Sturdy, long-lasting and versatile, a new oak building on your property could help you take on those jobs you’ve always wanted to undertake to create the perfect garden.

Once you have decided on a position for a bespoke oak structure, your decision-making journey does not end there. You will also, of course, need to think about how precisely you will use your new structure, and the internal fit-out required to meet your needs and wishes.

When you fit out an oak garden building, it is of course important to think about practicalities. With the right design, you can make sure that the oak structure is the ideal place for practical garden jobs. 

Appearance is important, of course. Oak will always be in style. It will always look beautiful, with its rich tones and patina which only improve over time. The right design for the interior of your structure will enhance the appeal of the material. 

But looking beyond aesthetics to practicality is also important. This is why, today, we thought we would share some of our tips to help you find innovative ways to fit out your oak garden building for practical garden jobs. 

Choose Flexible Options for Your Oak Garden Building

In a garden, the jobs we need and wish to undertake change with the changing seasons. So a practical space will be one in which we can alter the internal layout and features as required to meet the different demands of the gardening year. 

While it may be tempting to build in a range of features like worktop space or shelving or move in large pieces of permanent furniture, it might be sensible to make sure that you keep things more flexible. 

That way, you will be able to shift mobile items around the space – moving a staging area/ seed sowing and potting table, for example, to follow the movement of the sun through the space. 

Select Elements for Your Oak Garden Building Which Fulfil Multiple Functions

It can also be helpful to think about how a particular element that you plan to include could meet multiple needs and fulfil a range of different functions. 

For example, a seat might also have an opening lid, and be used for tool or pot storage. Another section might be placed on top of a seat with the cushion removed to create a work area for a specific job, being removed again after it is no longer needed. 

A simple table used for seed sowing in spring might later become a space for potting up, then later again, simply be a space to sit at as you enjoy your garden, or even a place where you can work on making full us of and preserving what you have grown. 

A small stove added in an oak garden building might enable you to use the space for more of the year. And as well as providing space heating, it might also provide wood ash for garden use, and provide spaces to dry herbs, flowers and other produce. 

Consider Space-Saving Solutions for Your Oak Garden Building

No matter how large or small your new oak gardening building may be, saving space can always be a good idea. Just as, in a garden, we can think vertically to maximise the amount of space available, creating vertical gardens and layering planting, so too, in an oak garden building, we might find it more practical and improve performance by thinking upwards. 

This might mean creating shadow boards to keep our garden tools in the most orderly fashion. It might mean using wall space up higher to store things we don’t need as frequently without losing space lower down. 

It might also mean looking at ways to hang additional workspace or storage space from the sturdy supports of the structure’s roof. A shelf, for example, might be suspended high up, then lowered to provide extra space for seedlings or cuttings. A hanging shelf might even have folding legs, which can come down when it is brought down from the roof space to provide a solid workspace or seed sowing and potting surface. 

Tables, workspace and more might also fold out from the walls so that they can be stowed away to give you back the space when it is not required. 

These are just a few ideas to turn your new oak garden building interior into a space that really works for you, and helps you keep your garden growing strong through every season. 

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