How to Create the Perfect Oak Garden Building For Wine Making at Home


Making your own wine at home is a fun hobby, and an interesting way to spend your time. But like so many age-old activities, it can be a challenge if you don’t have a suitable space in which to do so.  

An oak garden building could be perfect for a wide range of hobbies – and wine-making is one of them. It can keep such activities separate from your main living areas, and allow you to create a bespoke design to make your wines as delicious as possible. 

Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect oak garden building for wine-making at home:

Place an Oak Garden Close To Where Grapes or Other Wine Ingredients Are Grown

There are many ingredients for wines that can be grown in your garden. Of course, you can make your own grape wines. But it is also worth considering that you might also make wines from a range of other garden fruits and hedgerow berries. And even some ingredients like pea pods from your vegetable garden too. 

An oak garden building placed close to the areas where these things are grown could be very useful, streamlining the processes and making the harvest, the preparation, and the actual wine making a whole lot easier and more comfortable. 

Having a dedicated space for this hobby could free up space inside your home. And allow you to hone your skills and really make some excellent wines to enjoy with your friends and family. 

Include a Sink For Prep, and Washing Wine Ingredients

One important thing to include in an oak garden building dedicated to your wine-making hobby is a sink. Water is of course required for the process. And you will need water to wash your ingredients as well as to make your wines. 

Create a Wine Making Zone, For Prep, Fermentation, and Bottling

You will also require an area where you can prepare the ingredients, add these to a receptacle for the fermentation stage, and then later, bottle your wines for ageing and storage. Thinking about the practical elements needed and the amount of space required will be key to creating a space that works well for this hobby. 

Don’t forget to think about where your equipment, demi johns and bottles will be stored. A bespoke design means that you can determine how much storage space is required and make sure that this is adequate for your needs. 

Create a Cooler Zone Where You Can Age Homemade Wines

Towards the north side of an oak-framed building, it would be a good design decision to include a cooler area where you can store and age the wines you make at home. The right building design can help you ensure that you have spaces that offer the right temperatures for every stage of the process. 

Include Space Where Homemade Wines Can Be Enjoyed

When you are creating a space for a specific hobby, practicalities are always key. But with the right design, an oak-framed garden building can not only be a space where you can make your own wines at home, but also a space where you can enjoy them. 

So as well as including wine-making and wine storage areas, you might also create a garden living space where you can relax and enjoy the delicious beverages that you have created, and rest a little after all your hard work. 

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