How Large Should Your Garden Building Be? (How to Decide)



If you are thinking about getting a new garden building, you might be wondering how large a building you should choose. In this post, we’ll take a look at this issue and talk about some of the simple questions that you should ask yourself when trying to make this decision.

How Much Space is Available?

One of the limiting factors, of course, will be how much space is actually available, and how much space you are willing to utilise for this purpose. Whether you have a small space or a large rural garden, you need to think about the properties of the land. You need to consider not just how much space there is overall, but how much space there is that is suitable for construction. 

For example, you might have a much larger space, but it might be inaccessible, or on too steep a gradient. There are ways to create beautiful oak framed garden buildings on almost any site – but you do have to be realistic, and keep practicalities in mind. 

While you may be tempted to go for the largest building possible on the site – remember that a perfectly designed building, tailored to suit your site, might not need to be enormous to meet your needs. But working out the maximum possible size for a building before proceeding could be a good way to begin. It will help you define potential parameters and restrictions for the project. 

What is Your Budget For the Project?

Another practical concern and potential constraint is, of course, your budget. An oak framed hand-crafted garden building offers fantastic value for money and can enhance your garden and improve your life for many years to come. But it is important to start off with a realistic idea of how much you can afford (and would like) to spend. 

It’s great to dream. But having a good idea of the budget before you begin can help you get to the point where you have a much clearer idea about how large your garden building can be, and how much exactly it will be possible for you to achieve. 

What Do You Plan on Using Your Garden Building For? 

Once you have defined the scope of the project to a degree by thinking about space and budget, you can begin to hone in on exactly what you want and need from your new oak garden building. Sit down, and think very carefully about how exactly you wish to use your new structure. 

There are of course many ways that you can utilise an oak garden building, as such as building will be ideally suited to a huge range of different applications. By zeroing in on your own specific needs and wishes, you will get a better idea of the features and elements that will be desired and required from the design, and will therefore be able to get a much clearer idea about how large it should be. 

How Will the Garden Building Work Alongside Other Elements in Your Garden?

Of course, it is important not to think about your new oak garden building project in isolation. You should take a holistic view. Think not only about the building itself, but also how it will fit into your overall garden scheme, and tie in with other projects and other elements on your property. 

For example, you should think about how a garden building’s size will determine how well it fits in with trees and other plants in your garden. Perhaps about how it ties in with food-producing schemes. Look at how it will look and feel in the overall landscape. A well-designed oak framed building of the right size will blend in seamlessly with the natural and man-made environment – looking almost as though it has grown organically from the landscape. Looking at the terrain and garden scheme will help you determine how large the structure should be so that it works not just independently but as part of the whole. 

These are just some of the things you should consider as you think about how large your garden building should be. 

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