How (and Why) To Create an Oak Framed Kitchen Pantry Extension to Enhance Your Home



Creating an oak framed extension to your home could enhance your life in a wide range of different ways. In this article, we’ll explore one type of extension that you could consider: an oak framed kitchen pantry extension. We’ll talk about how you could go about creating the perfect extension for your needs, and talk about why extending your kitchen zone to make space for a proper pantry could be an excellent thing to do. 

Creating the Perfect Pantry Extension

The kitchen should ideally be the heart of any home. All too often, however, especially in older homes, kitchens are relatively small, and often relegated to the rear of the property. Often, existing kitchens are not really suited to modern family life.

Unfortunately, even modern homes to do not always have dream kitchens. And even large family kitchens can often be lacking – especially if you are trying to live a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of life. One thing older homes often had that more modern homes often lack is a proper walk-in cool store/ pantry. 

An oak framed extension for a lighter, brighter kitchen is common. But another thing to consider is an extension that allows not only for an improved kitchen but also for a proper pantry space. Adding a proper walk-in pantry to your home could make you wonder how you ever managed to do without one before. 

One interesting thing about adding an extension to add a pantry is that you can insulate inside walls so the pantry is outside the building envelope. This can help to create the perfect environment for food storage. Clever design and good use of materials can make a kitchen pantry combo that really works – minimising waste and maximising the utility of the space. 

For example, you might create an extension with a pantry area to the north, and a bright and open kitchen to the south, with south-facing glazing. You might even turn a small existing kitchen into a pantry, and create a new kitchen extension off that. 

Why Create an Oak Framed Extension for a Kitchen Pantry?

Food preservation before refrigeration centred around a space found in almost every home – a pantry, or larder. Older homes often still include these spaces, which are cool areas where perishable items can be stored at low temperature. But over the 20th Century – the concept of a walk-in pantry or larder was lost. Most modern homes have little or no provision for cool food storage.

Retrofitting of old homes for modern sustainability often revolves around things like insulation and glazing. Or the installation of renewable energy generation systems. But just as important as these things, it could be argued, is building space for food storage and preservation back in.

When you create an oak framed extension to improve your kitchen and make space for a proper pantry, you can reduce food waste. You can cut household food bills and consider canning your own food over the winter months. If you love to garden and grow your own, learning more about food preservation is the next logical step. A kitchen pantry means creating a proper stock of home-bottled and home-canned goods. 

If a kitchen is the heart of the home, a proper cool-store pantry might be the stomach. A full stomach can make you feel happy and secure. And a well ordered and well-stocked pantry can do the same. 

If you are thinking about a kitchen extension, do think about adding a pantry. Every home should have a pantry that is a good place to store food. For every keen cook or grow-your-own gardener, it really is a must for truly sustainable living. 

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