Get Your Oak Garden Building Ready for Coronation Celebrations

Whether you are a royalist or not, King Charles’ Coronation on May 8th is perhaps the perfect excuse to throw a lovely garden party, or to have some friends round to watch the event and to celebrate together. 

If you have an oak garden building then you will be off to a running start, and should easily be able to create a place for coronation or simply seasonal celebrations that are truly fit for the occasion.

Make Sure the Surrounding Garden is Filled with Flowers

May is a wonderful time for a garden party because it is a season when the garden can really be starting to look its very best. Spring will be in full flow and if you have created a good design for the garden around your oak garden building then by May it could well be already filled with flowers. 

Having an oak garden building may already have helped you to reach this stage – as a place where you can propagate, pot up and prepare flowers for planting. Whether you have very green fingers or are a complete garden novice, having a beautiful garden building can help you create the garden of your dreams. 

Add Some Bunting Made from Upcycled Materials

One further way to brighten things up and create a festive atmosphere is to hang some bunting from and around your oak garden building. You can choose to act sustainably and make your own bunting from old clothes, bedding, or other household fabrics. 

The timeless charms of an oak garden building can certainly be enhanced with the nostalgic and old-fashioned charms of a bit of bunting and could help you get into the garden party mood. 

Ensure There are Places For People to Sit in Your Oak Garden Building

An oak garden building can be the perfect place to sit and relax with family and friends, or to dine together. When you make sure that you have seating of some kind, whether relaxed or more formal, in your oak garden building then you can celebrate together come rain or shine, and won’t have to worry too much about the weather forecast. 

Choosing furniture for your oak garden building can also be an opportunity to embrace the old and vintage. And to find things second-hand or ‘pre-loved’ rather than buying new. You might even be able to make your own furniture using materials that might otherwise have been thrown away. 

Send Out Invitations to your Garden Party

Of course, if you want to throw a garden party or celebrate in your oak garden building with family and friends then you will need to make sure that you send out your invitations. Giving out proper invitations will give the event a sense of occasion, rather than just telling people when to come. 

But why not use natural materials from your garden or things that would otherwise be thrown away, rather then purchasing paper or card, or other materials to make the invitations? Again, this is the more eco-friendly and sustainable choice. And your oak garden building might also be the perfect place to enjoy such crafting activities. 

Harvest Your First Salads of the Year for Coronation Celebrations

Having friends and family around for the coronation could be the perfect excuse to show off your home-grown produce! If, for example, the salads you serve were entirely grown by your own fair hands, everyone is sure to be impressed. 

In early May, you might not yet have much produce from the garden, but you may well have had the time to grow some quick-cropping cut and come again lettuce and other leafy greens. You might even have grown them in your oak garden building. 


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