Family Fun: Easter Activities in an Oak Garden Building


An oak garden building is the perfect location for some family fun time this Easter. Whether you want to enjoy the natural beauty of this time of the year together, enjoy some art or crafting time, or spend some quality time as a family, having a beautiful oak-framed building in your garden can give you the space you need to really make the most of the holiday and the season. 

New Life: Plant Propagation in an Oak Garden Building

If kids or grandkids can be encouraged to join in with food production, growing your own together can be far more than a sustainable pursuit. It can also be a whole lot of fun. The Easter holidays could be the perfect time to sow a load of seeds that you can then plant together in your garden. 

Set up a potting bench and get the seeds and seed starting potting mix ready, and your oak garden building could be the perfect place to do the work to get your veg garden growing this year. 

Birdwatching from an Oak Garden Building

An oak garden building could also be the perfect place from which to watch the birds in your garden as they pair up and make their nests ready for the breeding and nesting season for many garden birds. 

Around Easter, you can see some excellent bird behaviour and you and your family should be able to stay cozy and snug inside the garden building while watching the birds going about their business in your garden, getting ready create new lives of their own and tending their young on the nest. 

Nature Artworks for Easter

Your garden cannot only inspire you when you watch it through the windows of your oak garden building. It can also provide a range of materials that you might bring into your crafting space in your oak framed structure, and use to make delightful nature artworks with your family. 

From pressing spring flowers, to making easter bonnets, and more, kids will love a scavenger hunt to find the flowers, leaves, twigs, feathers and other materials that you might need. 

Easter Egg Painting

An oak garden building could be set up to become a space where you can enjoy traditional Easter pursuits such as painting boiled or blown eggs together. 

If you have chickens in your garden, you might even be able to prepare and paint their eggs just feet from where they were laid, making the whole project really convenient. 

Easter Basket Making

If you are looking for another more grown-up craft to enjoy this Easter then whatever your age, you might consider taking up basketry and making your own Easter baskets. 

Using willow whips, bark, natural plant fibres or other natural materials, an oak garden building could be the perfect place to learn about how to craft these useful as well as decorative items. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Whether you have made your own baskets to put them in or not, an oak garden building can be the perfect epicentre for an Easter egg hunt. 

You can hide your eggs in the garden and around the structure, and either enjoy the hunt with your family or watch the kids from inside while you can, whatever the weather, stay warm and dry. 

Easter Feasts in an Oak Garden Building

Last but not least, an oak garden building furnished with a table and chairs could also be a delightful place for you and your family to enjoy your easter lunch. 

Whatever you choose to eat, whether you go traditional or try something a little out of the ordinary, dining in an oak garden building will give you the best of both worlds – keeping a roof over your head while allowing you to feel like you are closer to nature out there in the garden.

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