Embrace Age-Old Traditions With an Oak Garden Building

British people have been building with oak for centuries. Until the 19th Century, oak was used in the construction of most timber-framed buildings, as well as for ships, furniture making and more. There are good reasons why this is a timber that was so prized throughout the ages – it’s strength, its durability, and, of course, its beauty. 

By using oak today, and by choosing an oak garden building, rather than building with other, less prized and less sustainable materials, you will be embracing age-old traditions. 

You will be becoming part of a long line stretching back into history, of people who understood the value of longevity and the value of tradition. You will be showing that you value high-quality craftsmanship, and wish to keep the ancient skills of building with oak alive for future generations. 

But embracing age-old traditions with an oak garden building can go beyond the traditional craftsmanship and the use of this material. If you are fascinated by history and want to learn the lessons that the past has to teach us, an oak framed garden building could be the perfect place to embrace other age-old traditions. 

An Oak Framed Building Might Make it Easier to Grow and Preserve Food in Traditional Ways

First of all, you can embrace the traditions of a cottage or kitchen garden, or potager, with far more ease if you have a useful and multi-functional garden building to help you carry out all the tasks you will carry out in a traditional home garden throughout the year. 

Traditionally, almost every home would have used their gardens not primarily for recreation, but to meet the needs of its inhabitants. The resurgence of the grow your own tradition means that more and more people are embracing this and growing at least some of their own food at home. 

A garden should be useful as well as beautiful – and adding an oak framed garden building could make it easier for you to achieve your goals. 

What is more, it might give you a space to prepare and preserve some of the produce you grow. 

In an Oak Garden Building, You Can Explore Herbal Lore

Another fun way that an oak garden building might help you connect to tradition and make the most of your garden is by using it as a space to explore traditional herbal remedies. 

You might use the space in your oak framed garden building to dry herbs and flowers for later use. You might also use the space to set up a still to make essential oils, or, more simply, to make infused oils and other products to help you make the most of the herbs and flowers that you grow. 

An Oak Garden Building Can Be a Place to Embrace Ancient Crafts

As well as being a utility space for the traditional work you are doing in your garden, an oak framed garden building might also become a workshop, where you might embrace age-old traditions in craftsmanship. 

From traditional woodworking and woodturning to pottery, to working with natural fibres and other materials, perhaps even from your garden, to make a range of useful items, an oak garden building can be a place to keep old craft traditions alive, learn new skills, and have a lot of fun in the process. 

When you have a solid, traditional, beautiful oak garden building, you are embracing sustainable traditions. And with the addition of one of these buildings, you will find it easier to learn from history and keep other traditions alive. By embracing what was right from the past, we can, together, find the best solutions for the future. Choosing an oak garden building could be your first step on that journey. 

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