Create Co-Housing Options With An Oak Framed Extension 

An oak framed extension can really breathe new life into your home. It can also solve several problems you and your family may be having in one fell swoop. For those reaching retirement age or enjoying a well-earned respite in older age, it can be difficult to keep up to larger properties and some may find that the bills are more difficult to pay. It can also be difficult to see children or grandchildren struggling to achieve the dream of owning their own home. Co-housing options could be the answer for each of the generations.

An Oak Framed Extension for Children Moving Home

Multi-generational living was the norm in years gone by and is increasingly becoming so again. Grown children are often living at home for longer than they have in recent decades, or are returning home after a period living away. They may move home to save up for a deposit on their own home or decide to make a more permanent return to the family home for any one of a number of reasons. An oak framed extension can make it easier to accommodate the needs of an entire family. With the perfect oak framed extension, you can find the perfect solution for multiple generations all living under one roof.

An Oak Framed Extension For Separate Living Spaces

An oak framed extension could be the perfect way to extend your existing home to allow for the creation of separate living areas for different family members. While it is unlikely that many grown children will choose voluntarily to return to a single family home with parents, the options an extension affords for creating a series of different living spaces makes it possible to help each other out and spend some time together while still having a large share of independence and your own personal space.

An Oak Framed Extension For Elderly Relatives

A bright new oak framed annexe could be the perfect solution as your parents’ age, as a solution for grown-up children and for grandchildren. Many older people find it difficult to keep up to all the jobs around their property, or to make ends meet financially. Some long for retirement but find that, without the financial assistance that comes from sharing bills, or moving out of their own home, it is out of their reach. Creating an oak framed annexe for a parent could be just what they need to allow them to transition to a well-earned, restful retirement. If they have health problems, it could allow you to keep an eye out, while still allowing them to retain some level of independence.

One of the great things about cohousing is how skills and time can be shared around – grandparents offering childminding, kids doing the handiwork or making improvements to the home or garden perhaps… the opportunities for co-operation and enhancement are almost endless.

Of course, co-housing need not be limited to family only. Groups of friends or other like-minded individuals could also extend a property with an oak framed extension in order to accommodate the needs of all members of their group. Sharing bills, sharing skills and sharing chores can help those living in a co-housing situation live in a more sustainable way. An oak framed extension is the way to get the space needed in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

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