Burn Off Those Extra Calories With a Home Gym in Your Garden



Let’s face it, we might not be going out as much over the January period this year and heading out to a gym is not be possible. So why not make your own home gym in your garden? 

Why Make a Home Gym in Your Garden?

Getting outdoors to get some exercise is always a great idea. Walking, running and cycling are all excellent ways to keep fit. But there are some days in winter when the weather just isn’t conducive to those sorts of activities. So what should you do to get some exercise when inclement weather makes it difficult (or at least less appealing) to get out and about?

If you had a home gym in your garden, that would be a place to get some exercise whatever the weather. You could fit it out with whatever equipment you would like to use – from yoga mats, to weights, to rowing or cycling machines etc..

Remember, you need not necessarily create a carbon copy of a commercial gym. When you have your own gym in your garden, you can tailor it to suit you down to the ground. You’ll be able to get sweaty shame-free, without any embarrassment over other people seeing you when you are not looking your best. You’ll be able to stop and start whenever you want to, without fearing that other people will judge you for taking one too many breaks. 

You’ll be able to choose the décor, and the music perhaps, to energise you and make you feel good. In short – in a home gym, everything is on your terms. And you won’t have to worry about close contact with other people. Which, given the current situation, can make for a much more stress-free experience in any case. 

Why An Oak Framed Garden Building Could Be the Ideal Solution

One of the things that put some people off when it comes to commercial gyms is that everything is often quite hard, and can feel quite sterile. The spaces are often large and the design tough and uncompromising. 

If you choose to create a high-quality, hand-crafted oak framed building for your home gym, you can bring a sense of organic harmony back to the exercising environment. The warm wood tones can bring a sense of natural cleanliness and calm to a space. And not only create a solid and long-lasting structure but also a space in which we can feel comfortable and at peace. 

A light and bright oak framed garden building can be energizing too. It can retain equilibrium at comfortable temperatures and feel airy and spacious – ideal for exercise in your home gym. You can open up the space and feel part of your garden during the day. Then cosy up in the building after dark. The right lighting solutions mean that you’ll be able to use your home gym at any hour of day or night, and will be especially useful when days are so short over the winter months. 

Burn off those extra calories with a home gym in your garden and you can indulge in post-workout treats without any guilt at all. And when you choose an oak framed garden building for the purpose, you’ll also feel no guilt over the environment, having chosen materials that are as good as possible for people and our planet. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy planet. Making an oak framed home gym in your garden offers wins all round. It really is a great solution to consider. 

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