An Oak Framed Garden Building is the Perfect Place to Cure and Dry Home Grown Produce

If you are growing your own food at home in your garden, as so many of us are these days, an oak framed garden building could help you in your endeavours in a wide range of different ways. One thing that could make an oak garden building extremely useful is that it could become the perfect place to cure and dry your home grown storage.  

A well-designed oak frame structure could be the perfect light, bright, dry place to prepare home grown food for storage over the winter months. Often, as a home grower, you will not be able to use up all your produce right away. This means that you will likely need to find ways to preserve your produce so that it lasts as long as possible.

Curing Onions and Garlic in an Oak Garden Building

In warmer, drier climates, onions, garlic and other similar crops can be left outside in the sun for the skins to harden and dry out. In the UK, however, you will usually need to leave these undercover to prepare them for longer term storage. A well-designed oak garden building could be the perfect spot for this. 

Curing Squash and Pumpkins in an Oak Garden Building

Squash and pumpkins also need to be left to cure for a period before they can be moved to a suitable spot for winter storage and an oak garden building can be the perfect spot for these too. If you have grown a number of winter squash or pumpkins then having an oak garden building can help to make sure your efforts do not go to waste. 

Curing Potatoes and Other Tubers Prior to Storage

An oak framed garden building could also be a useful spot to let the skins on potatoes and other tubers dry out and cure before they are moved to longer-term storage, or used up over the coming months. As long as they are kept covered to exclude light so they do not turn green, they should dry out well in your garden building and store better over the winter months. 

Ripening Pears

If you have one or more pear trees in your garden, you will know that pears are usually picked before they have fully ripened and require an additional ripening period off the tree. If you have a large harvest, you may have difficulty finding space for these within your home. Again, an oak garden building could really come in handy, as the perfect place to ripen a larger quantity of these fruits.

Drying Herbs

An oak garden building could also be the perfect place for drying herbs prior to storage. You might dry herbs for culinary or medicinal use, or to use in a range of other projects. Having a dedicated place to dry herbs and flowers will make it easier for you to make sure you can really make the most of the herbs you grow in your garden. 

Drying Other Produce

If you invest in a dehydrator, an oak garden building with an electrical supply could be the perfect spot to place it. This keeps smells and mess and clutter out of your home and allows to dry a huge range of other fruits, vegetables etc. from your garden. Having a dedicated place for this job in your garden can make processing more efficient and allow you to really make the most of everything that you grow. 

You might, of course, also turn an oak framed garden building into a place to store your crops or preserves over the winter months – especially if you do not have a dedicated space for food storage (like a pantry or cold store, or root cellar) inside your home. But even if you do have somewhere else to store your produce longer-term, an oak garden building can still be very useful for these interim stages as you prepare, cure and dry food for storage. 

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