An Oak Framed Garden Building is the Perfect Place to Cure and Dry Home Grown Produce

The warm tones of an oak garden building are set off perfectly by the autumnal colours of autumn trees. The rich hues and patina of the wood in an oak garden building create the perfect ambiance throughout the year, creating a calming place to spend your time. And the natural wood of such a structure allows it to blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. 

At the end of the autumn, you can make your garden look even warmer and richer by incorporating trees that have great autumn colour. So if you have chosen to add an oak framed garden building to your space, here are a few trees for autumn colour that you might like to plant close by:


What could be better than planting an English oak as the backdrop for your oak garden building? The leaves turn russet red and brown in autumn before they fall, and where there is enough space and the right conditions, oak trees can make a wonderful setting for a building made from this material. Of course, you might also consider other non-native oaks for even more vibrant autumn colour. 

Acers/ Maples

Without a doubt, acers and maples are amongst the best trees to choose for autumn colour. And there are options within this type of tree that are suitable for any garden. In large gardens, field maples or red maples can be good choices. While for smaller spaces, there are plenty of smaller Japanese Acers to choose from. 


Another Japanese tree famed for its autumn colour is the Katsura tree, Cercidiphyllium japonicum. The smallest cultivars reach just a couple of metres in height, though the largest can grow up to around 30m tall. So whether you consider a large example as a backdrop for your oak garden building, or a smaller one to grow alongside it, this could be another interesting option to consider. 


Beech trees are large trees which could be grown to full size in larger gardens. But even in a small garden, they can be incorporated in hedgerows for their mellow autumnal hues. Beech leaves are edible while young in spring, as well as creating a good display in autumn to complement your oak framed building. 


Silver birch trees and other birch trees can offer great value in a garden throughout the year. They not only have ornamental bark and elegant forms, but also have strong autumn colour which can look beautiful close to your oak garden building. 


Another native tree which could be a good option for autumn colour to complement your oak garden building is the spindle, or Euonymous europaeus. The foliage on this tree turns a dramatic shade of red and the tree bears orange-pink winged fruit which remains on the tree after the leaves have fallen. 

Wild Cherry/Gean

One other native tree for great autumn colour that can work well in many gardens is the wild cherry, bird cherry or gean, Prunus avium. Its leaves turn orange and red in the autumn and birds will love it and its fruit. 

Amelanchier lamarckii

This small, attractive tree has interest throughout all the seasons. It has lovely spring blossom, followed by edible berries. And in the autumn, the leaves turn a range of russet and red hues. 

Cornus kousa

This is another small and slow-growing deciduous tree or large shrub which has beautiful autumnal colour. It also has pretty white flowers in early summer which, in a good year, are followed by edible fruits. 

Red Williams Pear Tree

This variety of pear tree is another interesting choice to consider if you want to obtain edible yields as well as an attractive visual display. The pears are good to eat, and the tree is not only attractive in spring when in blossom, but also in autumn too. 

These are of course just some of the many trees which could be good choices to provide autumn colour in your garden. These and many other choices can complement your oak garden building and allow you to create a harmonious and beautiful effect throughout the year. 

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