Spring Cleaning an Oak Garden Building


There is nothing quite like being able to dust off the last dregs of winter and give everything a good spring cleaning as we head into the sunshine, showers, and cheeriness of the new season. Just as you spring clean your home, you might spring clean your oak garden building – a simple and straightforward process that will get it ready for all the use it is sure to get over the months to come. 

Blowing Away The Cobwebs

The great thing about an oak garden building is that you may well have been able to use it extensively through the winter months. These are spaces that can be used all year round, not just in the sunny summer. So it is unlikely that the space has become too dusty or dishevelled over the coldest part of the year like a garden building of a different type that might remain empty through this part of the year. 

However, there may be the odd creature who has also made a home there over the winter months and the odd corner that might therefore need some attention. So check over the space and evict any unwanted tenants, blowing away the cobwebs and sweeping or vacuuming around. 

If you need to declutter, now could be a good time to do so. Take unwanted items to a charity shop, or offer them for sale, or give them away to those who might make use of them. If you have a hoarding tendency, think carefully about everything that you bring into your home and consider whether it is truly useful or beautiful, ideally both. 

Cleaning Oak Framing

One of the wonderful things about an oak frame is the natural patina and faded charm it can develop over time. And you do not need to do much to keep it looking great since the ways in which it changes over time are part of its appeal. So light dust and perhaps a quick wipe with a damp cloth are usually all that is required to keep them looking their best. 

Natural Cleaning Solutions for Glazing

The glazing on your oak-framed garden building, however, is likely to need a good cleaning. Let the light in and wash away the gloom of winter by cleaning the glass of your windows and doors thoroughly, inside and out. 

But having chosen an eco-friendly and sustainable oak building, you will no doubt wish to avoid using harmful chemical products to clean the space. The good news is that all you need to clean your windows effectively and sustainably is a simple white vinegar, a natural fibre cloth or some old newspaper, and perhaps a few drops of essential oil of your choosing.

Cleaning Fabrics the Natural Way

Any blinds, curtains, or upholstery fabrics in your oak garden building can also be given a spring clean. Depending on which fabrics you have chosen, you might put these in your washing machine or need to wash them by hand. 

For an eco-friendly approach, use soap nuts or natural washing soap to clean your textiles. And remember to hang out a wet cloth on a washing line to dry. 

Finishing Touches

Once the whole space from top to bottom is thoroughly cleaned for spring, adding a few finishing touches can help the space feel fresh and new. 

Get some newly potted plants, or make a display with some cut flowers from your garden, for example, to make the place look and smell great. 

It should not take too long to get things ship-shaped and ready for the spring and summer seasons to come. 

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