Replace An Old Timber and PVC Conservatory With an Oak Conservatory That Will Last



Loosehanger Oak has received an increased number of orders from those who wish to replace their old timber and polycarbonate-roof conservatory with a more long-lasting, beautiful and durable oak conservatory. We are seeing an increased trend towards long-term thinking. More and more sustainable and eco-conscious home owners are looking to build not just for the present, but for the future. They want to create structures that will truly endure, and enhance their way of life for years to come. 

Is It Time to Replace Your Old Conservatory?

Unfortunately, not all conservatories were created equal. Our experience is that many of the older structures created to extend homes simply cannot withstand the test of time. 

  • Is your old timber conservatory letting in water? 
  • Is your old timber conservatory poor at retaining heat?
  • Is your old timber conservatory damaged or degraded by sun and rain?
  • It could be time to consider replacing it with a modern yet traditional oak conservatory that really is built to last.

While it is a good idea to reduce consumption where we can, and to reuse and repair wherever possible, there comes a time when it is simply no longer a sustainable or cost-effective option to limp along with an older conservatory structure. 

You may think that it will be cheaper and more sustainable to repair an existing conservatory. But there are many reasons why it could be better to cut your losses and replace your old timber and PVC conservatory with a new, better oak conservatory. 

Why Choose A New Oak Conservatory?

Here are some of the reasons why you should be one of those who embraces this trend and opts to replace your old conservatory with a good, high-quality oak conservatory at your earliest convenience:

  • Older conservatories are far less energy efficient, so building a new high-quality oak conservatory could save you money on household bills.
  • Switching out a polycarbonate structure for a natural oak conservatory will make for a much healthier living environment. You won’t have to deal with un-natural materials, with damp or mould, and can breathe easier. 
  • The beauty of oak and of good craftsmanship means that the look and feel of your new conservatory will be much improved. Aesthetics may not seem like the most important thing. But they can really have a huge impact on how you feel. 

Of course, building a new oak conservatory for your home will also allow you to tailor your living space to make sure you can make full use of every inch. Older conservatories are often cold, drafty and damp spaces that have little utility. When you order a new oak conservatory from Loosehanger Oak, you can create a space custom-built to suit your own particular needs. You can gain a new extension for your home that you will actually really use. 

Contact us today to replace your old conservatory with a new oak conservatory, and the investment that you make will last longer than a lifetime.

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