Interior Design Styles for an Oak Building


An oak building is an extremely versatile space that can suit a range of different interior design styles. No matter what the use of the oak building will ultimately be, dreaming about the different styles can help you envision what your dream oak build could look like. To help you picture your dream oak-framed construction, here are 8 interior design styles that can work extremely well with an oak frame:

Rustic Interior Design for an Oak Building

One of the best things about an oak framed home are the beautiful wooden beams. The wood’s colour and natural patina can add an organic richness to a space, while keeping things simple. If you love the rustic simplicity of bare wood, then the rustic look could be for you. Keep the rest of the interior décor and furnishing simple, natural and wholesome and you can get the ‘rustic’ or country-style look for your new oak building.

Shabby Chic Interior Design for an Oak Building

Oak is one of those materials that just looks better with age. Shabby chic is the name given to a style of interior decoration that values age and wear-and-tear. If something does not look as though it has been loved by generations, it is made to look as though it were. This is a soft, opulent and yet down-to-earth, cottagey style that can really make a house feel like a home.

Classic or Traditional Interior Design for an Oak Building

Love the natural simplicity of your oak frame, but want something a little more polished and traditional? A classic or traditional look could be perfect for you. Pair polished wood floors, frames and furnishings with antiques, rich fabrics and textiles, for a classic and timeless design that will always be in style and could mesh well with the timeless feel of your new oak building.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design for an Oak Building

Oak framed buildings can also mesh well with the mid-Century modern look. Bring in furniture and styling from the 1950s and 60s. Solid oak furniture, typical for the times, such as the Ercol originals, will look particularly well suited to the space. And the classic lines of the period could be reflected in the building’s design.

Contemporary Interior Design for an Oak Building

Though oak has been used as a construction material for centuries, an oak building can also be bang up to date. A contemporary oak building will suit a contemporary interior design, with clean lines, freshness and space. Contemporary spaces blend a subtle sophistication with a bright and airy simplicity that can show oak beams off to great effect.

Minimalist Interior Design for an Oak Building

If you want to take a contemporary look even further, you could consider the simple clean lines of the minimalist look. A minimalist interior design will pare things back, and allow your beautiful oak frame to really come to the fore.

Industrial Interior Design for an Oak Building

Oak buildings can also lend themselves to a less domestic and more industrial look. The wood frames will add to this look, which often features bare wood and metal, big spaces, high ceilings, and bold, edgy styling.

Bohemian Interior Design for an Oak Building

Another way to go bold is to throw out the rule book and opt for an ‘anything goes’ Bohemian interior design style. Bohemian styling is all about bold colours, rich and contrasting textures and patterns, and quirky individual touches. Oak framing works very well with this style, which prioritises visual interests and a relaxed vibe.

Of course, you do not need to adopt any one of these styles. You could choose to combine elements from two or more of these interior design styles or go for something else entirely. But it is clear that an oak building provides a space that can be decorated, as it can be enjoyed, in a wide range of different ways.

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