How to Decorate an Oak Building for Christmas the Sustainable Way 

If you have made the sustainable decision to construct a building with oak, you should continue in the same way and continue to make sustainable decisions – including about how to decorate the space for the Christmas period. 

So, here are some ideas to help you decorate an oak building for Christmas in as eco-friendly and sustainable a way as possible:

Gathering Natural Materials to Decorate an Oak Building

For centuries, people have built with oak. And for centuries, people have been bringing greenery indoors over the winter months to decorate the space, and as a reminder that life endures and spring is just around the corner. 

The natural and organic feel inside an oak-framed structure lends itself well to a rustic and natural style of decoration. So go old-school and deck the halls with boughs of holly – and whatever other greenery and berry-laden branches you can find in your garden or the surrounding area. 

Crafting Christmas Decorations for an Oak-Framed Building

As well as simply bringing natural evergreens and other decorative natural materials indoors for the festive season, you should also consider using those natural materials to craft your own Christmas decorations. 

For example, you can make your own natural Christmas wreaths and garlands. You can string berries or seeds to make strings for a Christmas tree or to festoon your home. Or you can craft more ambitiously – making items from natural branches, or natural plant fibres… There are many different natural crafting options that you might explore. 

Reuse and Upcycling for Christmas in an Oak-Frame Building

Of course, as well as using a wide range of natural materials to make your own sustainable Christmas decorations, you might also use a variety of reclaimed materials and things that might otherwise be thrown away. 

Reuse and upcycling can help you to turn trash into treasure, and create some wonderful decoration that is really in keeping with your sustainable oak-framed home. For example, you might create some decorations for a Christmas table from old tableware and utensils, or even from something as simple as papers or magazines and toilet roll tubes…

Living Decorations for an Oak Building

Even if you do not have a lot of time for crafting and decoration, you might still consider bringing in living plants to enliven your oak building over the winter months. 

There are of course the classic plants used for Christmas decoration such as the Poinsettia, for example. But there are also a range of other houseplants that you might consider that will look particularly lovely in an oak-framed home and which will bring some cheer over the festive season. 

You might also consider either renting or buying a living Christmas tree, which is a more sustainable alternative to the cut trees of the season and certainly with a lower carbon footprint than other Christmas tree options. 

Highlighting the Oak Frame Itself

Natural and living decorations really lend themselves to a building with an oak frame. But one other thing to remember when decorating your home for Christmas is that the oak beams can be decorative in their own right – with a beautiful natural vibe, golden hue, and stunningly beautiful patina that just gets better and better over time. 

For the Christmas period, you might consider adding some fairy lights or other lighting that can highlight this stunning feature of your home, while also bringing a little more festive cheer to the space. 

These are just some simple ideas to help you make your oak-framed building more Christmassy in a way that is in keeping with the natural and beautiful simplicity of the space and structure you have created, and which, like the building itself, is as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. 

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