Create the Perfect Summer Entertaining Space in Your Garden

A garden can be the perfect summer entertaining space. But how do you get your garden ready to welcome guests when warm weather arrives? The great news is that you can achieve the perfect garden space without it costing the planet. Here are some tips to help you make sure your garden is guest-ready in an eco-friendly and sustainable way:

Invest in an Oak Framed Pergola, Porch or Other Garden Structure

Oak (from sustainably managed forestry) is the ideal material for an eco-friendly and sustainable way of life. And unlike other construction materials, it allows you to create garden structures or garden buildings that will stand the test of time. 

If you want to entertain friends and family this summer in style, a bespoke oak framed addition to the rear of your home, or an oak framed summer house at the end of your garden could be perfect. It could really blend into the existing garden and the surrounding environment. And is one great way to make sure you impress. 

One key thing to remember when creating a summer entertaining space for your garden is that flexibility is key. Summer weather can vary considerably. And even when the sun fails to shine, having an undercover or partially covered structure will give you options to entertain your guests. 

Create Sustainable Paving or Decking

Of course, when entertaining guests, it can be good to have somewhere to sit, and somewhere to dine outside. Paving or decking can make it a lot easier to place outdoor furniture without wobbles. And will help make sure you and your guests can easily enjoy some time outside without having to worry about muck and mud. 

But when creating an area of paving or decking under or just outside an oak garden building or oak garden structure, it is important to think about the true cost of the materials you choose. Reclaimed or natural options are always the most sustainable choices you can make. 

Plant for Privacy, Peace and Protection

Once you have taken care of the structure and base for your outdoor entertainment area, there is one more key thing to contend with. And in many ways, this is the most important thing of all. Planting. The right plant choices are essential since they will tie in your built elements with the natural world, and help it feel more grounded and connected to the space around it. 

Choose climbing plants to climb and vine over the structure. Place shrubs and beautiful flowering plants around the base. Remember, too, to think about how planting around the area can offer enhanced privacy, peace, and protection (from sun, wind and other elements). 

Many plants can be used to give a sense of privacy in your entertaining space in your garden. Evergreen or mixed hedgerows, fedges, bamboo screens, ornamental grasses, espaliered or pleached fruit trees… there are plenty of privacy-enhancing plants to choose from. And when you make the right choices, these can also provide a sense of calm and peace. And provide shade, wind-breaking, or other services. 

Make sure that, whichever plants you choose, you use diverse planting to create a lush and welcoming feel in your garden. And remember, if you make the right choices, the plants you grow can also provide plenty of food that you will be able to proudly serve to your guests. 

Once you have the basic structure, base, and plants in place, you can play around and customise the space to truly make it your own. You can add the perfect patio furniture and outdoor table and chairs – perhaps even elements for outdoors cooking – a fire pit, barbecue or pizza oven, for example. You can add lighting, and other decorative elements to help you enjoy the space and personalise it to your own tastes and needs. 

But the most important thing is getting the basics in place, as a firm foundation from which you can build to create your perfect summer entertaining space. 

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