Bring Spring Forward With an Oak Garden Building

By the end of winter, the dark nights and cold temperatures often begin to wear on us. Many of us dream of spring and wish it on as quickly as possible. While every season has its special charms and surprising delights, by the end of winter, most of us are certainly ready for spring. 

With an oak garden building, we can bring spring forward – making it feel like the new growing season has arrived just that little bit sooner. Here are some ways to bring spring forward with an oak garden building:

Sow Seeds Early Indoors in an Oak Garden Building

One way to make things feel like spring has already arrived is to get started early with the growing season by sowing seeds indoors. An oak garden building can be ideal for early-season plant propagation in the late winter and very early spring. 

Especially if you have access to grow lights and a heated propagator, there are a number of seeds that you can sow indoors as winter draws towards an end but before spring has really arrived that can later be transplanted out into your vegetable garden or a polytunnel or greenhouse. 

Tomatoes and peppers, for example, crop best if you sow them as early as possible with our relatively short growing season, and by sowing earlier, you are more likely to get plenty of ripe fruits before the first frosts of autumn arrive. 

Grow Micro-greens in Winter at an Oak Garden Building for the Quickest of Crops

As well as sowing crops that can later be transplanted to your garden in an oak garden building, you can also consider sowing micro-greens on a windowsill or another sunny spot within the space. A well-designed, light, bright oak building can be ideal for indoor cultivation. 

Micro-greens are one of the easiest options – a great way to get started with growing your own indoors. These tiny baby leafy greens can be great for salads or garnishes, in sandwiches or wraps… They can be ready to harvest just a week or two after sowing, so you will not have to wait very long at all for some fresh greens and a taste of spring. 

Bring Late Winter Budding Branches Into an Oak Garden Building to Flower Sooner

Another way to feel like spring is here a little early is to bring budding branches of early flowering shrubs like Ribes or Forsythia for example into your oak garden building. 

Placed in a vase of water in a warm spot, the buds should open far sooner than they will do outdoors, so you can enjoy the flowers of the early spring just a little earlier than you would usually do. 

Force Early Bulbs to Bloom in an Oak Garden Building

You can also force early flowering bulbs so that they bloom indoors in winter, rather than waiting for the spring to truly begin. 

In the warm and bright environment of your oak-framed garden building, spring-flowering bulbs can believe that spring has really arrived, and will therefore flower far earlier than they would usually do. 

Of course, these are just some ways that you might brighten up the late winter and banish the winter blues, bringing spring into your life and into your step just a little bit earlier. 

Simply sitting in your oak garden building on a sunny day, however, may be enough. And nestled in your beautiful garden, this oak-framed structure can become a haven from which you can observe, however small and seemingly insignificant, the first tiny signs that spring really is on its way and life endures in your garden. 

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